Biker Culture – What does it mean?

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Every person who rides is different. They ride differently, love different kinds of bikes, and dedicate themselves to bikes in different ways.

So what then is “biker culture?” Is there some defining trait you can give to everybody who has ever ridden? Or, maybe, is riding such a personal experience that you can’t lump together everyone who has chosen two wheels instead of four? 


Well…yes and no 

We would argue that while everyone who rides is unique, a shared culture exists for motorcyclists.

There’s a mutual respect among the men and women who ride. It’s a big undertaking to learn how to ride a motorcycle, and it requires an acceptance (or an ignorance) of the risks involved.

Even if your stock sport bike has nothing in common with someone else’s chopper, you both made the decision to pursue your love of riding. The feeling of freedom that riding brings is universal to anyone who has ever hopped on a bike.

That being said, “Motorcycle Culture” as a term can be misleading. This overarching idea of a unique culture is built up by tons of subcultures, with “riding” meaning something different to each of them.


No two bikers are the same… 

And each person gets something different out of riding. Some love the feeling of getting their hands dirty and fixing or building their bike better than it ever was. Others love to go fast, and aspire to be as technically skilled of a rider as possible. Others still need a cheap way to get around, and a motorcycle is a much better option for a car.

The point is everyone has his or her own reason to ride.

That’s what made us fall in love with motorcycles in the first place, and keeps us riding when the world around us tells us not to.

And, that’s what makes motorcycle culture so strong. When you meet people who ride for the same reason you do, and you build camaraderie on two wheels, nobody else will have your back the same way as the people you ride with.

If you chop, and find others who love to chop, then toying around and building as a group will push you to become a better mechanic, welder, and metalworker.

Other sports bikers and dirt bikers will push you to improve your skill, and you’ll need to become a better rider to keep up with them.

And if you just like to cruise? Well cruising is always better with a few buds, and who else would you grab beers with afterwards?

Point is, if you ride, then you get why other bikers ride too. They may look or act nothing like you, but you know they’ve got the bug that keeps them up at night thinking about their next ride. That’s what unites us. That we each do our own thing makes us stronger as a group.


What about Flash to Open?

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