2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Bikers

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The holiday season is swiftly approaching, and you’re searching for that special gift for the biker in your life. You’ve looked high and low, and nothing seems to hit that magic spot of something they’ll be excited to open AND something that will improve their lives for years to come.

Luckily, your good friends from FtoO are here to bring you a list of incredible gifts for motorcycle riders! You will be the envy of all your friends as you bring holiday cheer to the motorcyclists you love the most.

These gifts are incredibly useful as well as fun; we also included what kind of rider they work best for so you aren’t getting your track racer a cushioned seat pad. All of them are guaranteed to brighten the holiday spirit in your household (and improve the riding experience)!


Battery Tender, Jr. & Battery Tender USB Charger

Battery Tender, Jr. for motorcycles

Either one of these gifts is a great option for riders, but because they are so inexpensive, you can group them together!

The USB charger plugs right into your battery, and lets your charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, GPS system, or any other device you need charged while riding. It’s easy to install, and it comes with wires more than long enough to reach your battery, wherever it may sit on the bike. Plus, it pairs well with a phone mount for your bike.

Along with the USB charger, this Battery Tender is a great option if the bike rider in your life stores their ride for long periods of time. Whether they put their bike up for the winter, have an array of bikes to choose from, or even just don’t have the time to ride like they used to, the Battery Tender, Jr. helps make sure that the bike fires up when it’s needed. It’s reasonably priced, and cuts down on the hassle of bike storage.

Great for: Any kind of riding


Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad

Airhawk R Cruiser Seat Pad for Motorcycles

Long rides can be difficult for rear ends and lower backs, especially if your giftee has an iron will for a suspension system. Whether you’re just cruising for the afternoon, or riding across the country, this cruiser pad will help you ride more comfortably and for a longer period of time.

The pad helps relieve pain from pressure points while circulating airflow to keep your butt cool while riding. It’s incredibly comfortable, and doesn’t raise the profile of your bike while you use it. Your giftee’s butt and back will thank you, even if they forget to write a note!

Great for: Touring, Cruising


Alpinestars SMX-2 AC Men’s Street Gloves

Gloves for Motorcycle riding

While helmets are viewed as the most important gear you can have, gloves are incredibly important in keeping you safe while riding as well. Often, when we get into crashes we find ourselves instinctively putting out our hands to stop our fall. Without good gloves, crashes can shred your hands up pretty quickly. 

For that reason, and as a general rule for all gear, you don’t really want to go for the budget options. You don’t want to wish you had spent an extra few bucks on gear as you’re sliding down pavement at 50 mph.

That being said, these gloves strike a great balance between being budget-friendly and providing the protection you need. They’re constructed from leather and Kevlar for comfort, protection, and feel, with carbon fiber knuckles. They’re comfortable and stretchy, but provide all the support where you need it. While riders will usually have several pairs of gloves depending on the weather, these are great, basic, and all-purpose gloves for riding.

Great for: All types of riding


Firstgear Torrent Backpack

Backpack for Motorcyclists

If the rider in your life commutes to and from work every day on their bike, having a quality backpack is incredibly important for them. Riders want to be able to keep stuff safe and dry, while still feeling comfortable with a full range of motion on their bike. On top of all that, they also want to look good!

The Torrent is a no-frills drybag, essentially designed for everyday wear and to stop wind, rain, sleet, hail, or whatever precipitation is trying to get at your electronics. If you’re looking for something with a bunch of bells and whistles, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere, but for its price, this backpack is a great gift option for day-to-day use.

Great for: Street Riding, Commuting


Flash to Open for Motorcycles

Flash to Open is the garage door opener for motorcycles, cars, golf carts, ATVs, and pretty much anything that you could want to park in a garage. Flash your high-beams twice, and voila – your garage door opens. No buttons needed! No remote to lose, and it keeps your garage secure – your transmitter is the only one paired to your receiver, and only your bike opens the door. And remember, you don't have to attach Flash to Open to your high-beams!  You can wire it in to anything with a switch and an electrical current, so if you want to honk your horn every time you open your garage door, feel free to do so!

Honestly, you should get Flash to Open for your husband, your wife, your kids, your parents, your family, your friends, your dog, that one guy at work that you don’t really like but still have to talk to on a regular basis, your mailman, your boss, that intern who somehow always messes up the coffee order even though you always only ask for black, the bartender at your local dive who knows a little too much about your life, strangers you meet on the street, and even the cop who pulls you over for going 50 on that country road that nobody goes the speed limit on anyway, so why is he picking on you?

Basically, it’s the ideal gift both for practicality and because it’s just cool. Who doesn’t want to roll up to their garage door and have it open magically (with two flicks of your high-beams) in front of you? To us, that sounds like the perfect gift for the holidays.

And remember to only buy from the manufacturer! We’re the only ones who can give you the best customer support and installation help. Plus we appreciate you as people, and that’s what really matters.

 Great for: Absolutely anything. Cures cancer in 24/50 states (purchase and look on package to see if your state is included)


Bonus Stocking Stuffer: Pro Grip 699 Sport Bike Gel Grips

Grips for Motorcycles

Most of this list has been geared towards cruising, touring, and street riding because those are the kinds of bikes on which you’d want a garage door opener. That being said, we’ve got a lot of love for sport riding as well, and here is a bonus gift if bringing your bike to the track is your idea of a good time.

You can wear down your stock bike grips…or, you can upgrade them to the 699s. These grips improve your comfort and control when you’re going into deep turns, and will last you longer than your typical grip, without being as squishy as some “comfort grips.” Plus they look super cool.

Great for: Sport riding


Well, there you have it….your 2017 gift guide for the biker in your life. If you have any other ideas for gifts, leave a comment below! And if you’re truly stuck, remember Flash to Open is the garage door opener not just for motorcycles, but for any of your two- or four- wheel vehicles!

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