The Garage Door Opener for Motorcycles

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Bikes nowadays seem to have everything...they've got iPad holders, heated grips, bluetooth gizmos out the wazoo. You'd think someone would come up with a motorcycle garage door opener too!

It's a common complaint for riders. You've been out on your bike for four hours, your butt hurts, and you pull up to your garage. Maybe it's raining, or maybe it's hotter than the devil and you're in full gear.

Regardless, the last thing you want to deal with is that darned garage door opener.

Flash twice to open (and close)

Flash2Pass™ is a simple concept, really. You wire a transmitter into your high-beam switch that connects via encoded radio-frequency technology to a receiver wired into your garage door. Flash your high-beams twice, and voila -- your garage door opens. No buttons needed!

Importantly, you never need to worry about a separate opener again. You can enjoy your ride without worrying about getting your bike back safe and sound (plus, if your wife locks you out, that problem is solved too!)

With Flash2Pass™, you'll never:

  • Have to fish around in your pocket to find the button on a remote (somehow it's always facing the wrong way anyways)
  • Have to park your bike, find the remote, then get your bike moving again (you may not admit it, but that thing is heavy)
  • Accidentally open the garage door if you leave the remote in your pocket (and then only find out about it the next morning)
  • Have the remote fall out of your pocket when you're riding (then you're really in trouble)
  • Have your remote stolen, and your garage broken into

That's the kind of headache you want to live without.

It fits with your riding style, and your bike's style

Flash2Pass™ is hidden away behind your headlight, so it won't change your or your bike's aesthetic at all. Want the newest tech on your bike? Great! Impress your friends by opening your garage door with a two simple flicks of your high-beams. Wish that it were the good old days, when bikes were no-nonsense, simple, and rugged? We get you, so we want to take your garage door opener off of the list of things you need to worry about.

Finally, it's weather resistant, so no matter if you ride dirt, track, road, or what have you, you can be confident your garage door will open every time.

The motorcycle garage door opener for any rider, anywhere

Get rid of that old fashioned's been designed the same way for almost 100 years. Instead, try out Flash2Pass™. 

You won't have to worry about the hassle of a garage door opener ever again.

Flash2Pass Motorcycle garage door opener

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  • I have one of these and they work Great! Just a flip of the headlight switch and it opens or closes. I love it!

    Charlie Loucks on
  • Thanks for reading! We’re working on commercial applications. If you have any ideas, definitely let us know at!

    Flash to Open on
  • Awesome to read this blog! What’s the status of a commercial “Flash2Pass™” as I see that as a huge market!

    Rick Tofflemire on

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