Flash2Pass™ Separate Transmitter

A second transmitter or replacement remote for the Flash2Pass garage door system for cars or motorcycles.

  • Works with virtually any garage door opener manufactured since 1982.
  • A double flash of your headlight high beams opens or closes your garage door.
  • Uses a digitally encrypted signal and rolling code technology for ultimate security.
  • The unit is a radio frequency device that is mounted under the hood of a vehicle, or in the fairing/headlight bucket of  a motorcycle. It is compact (2″ x 1″ x 3/4″) and is attached with the included plastic zip tie.
  • The wires are attached with Posi-Tap connectors to the headlight high beam positive wire and to the ground wire. The Flash2Pass transmitter is non-polarized so you don’t have to know + from -.
  • Up to six transmitters may operate a single receiver.
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation.