Installation Videos

Flash2Pass ™ can be easily installed in just around 10 minutes with regular household tools.

Quick Overview of Installation:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow our instructional videos for detailed installation steps.
Written instruction guides are provided below if needed.

How to install the Flash2Pass ™ System, an overview of what comes in your Flash2Pass package; 2 options for receiver installation; and what tools you'll need.
How to Set the Switches on the Flash2Pass™ Receiver
How to set the switches on the back of the receiver depending on your garage door opener.
How to Install the Flash2Pass ™ Receiver on your Wall
How to replace your current wall-mounted push button with the Flash2Pass ™ receiver.
How to Install the Flash2Pass ™ Receiver near your Garage Door Opener Motor
Consider installing on motor if you want to preserve smart panel functionality, or if you have old wires leading to your current wall-mounted button.
How to Install Flash2Pass ™ on your Motorcycle or Scooter
Installing Transmitter on Motorcycle or Scooter (For Car/Truck, See Written Instructions Below)