Flash to Open™ Mini PRO – Instructions for Genie and Overhead Door

Step 1: Pair the Mini PRO to your Garage Door Opener

  1. Locate the Learn Code or Program/Set button and the indicator LED on the powerhead.
    1. For openers equipped with Learn Code Button – press & release the Learn Code Button (the LED will blink rapidly)
    2. For openers equipped with Program/Set Button – hold the Program/Set Button until the LED turns blue and then release. The LED will then blink purple.
  2. Press & release the button on the Mini PRO (the LED will stop blinking)
  3. Press & release the button on the Mini PRO again (the LED will go out)

    Step 2: Test the Mini PRO

    Test the pairing by pressing the button on the Mini PRO. If the garage door opener does NOT activate, repeat the programming steps above or email us at info@flashtoopen.com

    Step 3: Installing the Button on Your Vehicle

    1. Select a location to drill a hole for mounting the button that can be easily accessed from both sides for installation. The thickness of the material should be 1/16  to 1/8 of an inch
      1. Pro Tip: For golf cars, the vertical seat bodywork just below the cushion is ideal.
    2. Be sure that the area around where you plan to drill is clear of all obstructions and electrical wiring during drilling.
    3. With a 3/8 inch bit, drill a hole from the outside of where you would like the button to be located.
    4. Remove any drill shavings with a piece of sandpaper from the backside of the hole.
    5. Unscrew the rubber cap from the button.
    6. Insert the button through the hole from the inside.
    7. Finger-tighten rubber cap onto the button.

    Step 4: Secure the Transmitter to the Vehicle

    1. Select a flat location on the inside near the button to mount the Mini PRO’s transmitter box.
    2. Clean surface of mounting location with rubbing alcohol, wipe gently to remove any dust or grease and then let dry.
    3. Remove one adhesive backing and stick the fastener on the center of the Mini PRO. Press firmly and hold for 30 seconds.
    4. Remove the second adhesive backing and stick the Mini PRO to the interior surface that you cleaned. Orient the Mini PRO such that the wires are facing downward, if possible. Press the Mini PRO against the surface firmly for 30 seconds.