My existing inside garage door opener switch has more than two wires

Remove the old unit and determine which wire is the common ground and which of the others control the opener. Attach the two wires that control the opener to the Flash to Open Classic receiver, and separately wrap the other wire(s) with electrical tape (or use electrical caps) and twist them out of the way. 


The receiver and transmitter appear to be installed correctly but the garage door does not (or will no longer) open

RE-SYNC INSTRUCTIONS: Re-synching your receiver and transmitter may resolve communication problems. To re-sync, insert a paperclip into the hole between the push button and blinking LED, pushing in the hidden button. When the LED blinks 4 times remove the paperclip. The receiver is now in "learn" mode. With your vehicle in range, flash the high beam switch 2 times. The receiver LED will blink 4 times and then automatically resume its normal status blinking. The new transmitter is now paired to the receiver.


I need to pair an additional transmitter to my system

You can pair up to 6 total transmitters to one Flash to Open Classic receiver. See re-sync instructions above.


The LED is not blinking after I restored the power to the opener

Verify it's not garage door problem by testing your garage door with the old handheld remote. If it does not work, power may not have been restored to the opener. Check that the opener has power.

If the LED still does not blink, check the terminal screws in the back of the receiver. A wire may have detached or be wired backwards.

If the LED still isn't blinking, you might need an AC adapter (available on our Products page), or simply email our customer service department to troubleshoot or request an AC adapter.

Note: AC adapters are not required on the vast majority of installations. To keep the price of Flash to Open as low possible, we do not include them with the regular system.


The LED Blinks, but the door does not work with transmitter activation

1. Recheck the transmitter's connections. This is most likely with the Posi-taps. Make sure the Posi-tap pin has pierced the headlight wires and the transmitter's wires are fully seated in the top of the Posi-tap. 

2. Verify the transmitter is connected to the two correct wires. Do not chassis ground the transmitter.


Range is inadequate

This product is designed to have a range of approximately 75' when properly installed. Range is reduced primarily by excessive metal around the transmitter shielding the signal, and/or position of the receiver in the garage.

If the receiver was installed on the wall, re-position it by connecting it to the garage door motor as indicated in the installation video and check the range again.

If the range is still not adequate, we recommend you temporarily re-position the transmitter and verify acceptable performance, and then permanently reinstall the transmitter in a less metal obstructed area as needed.


If you found the high beam headlight, but there are more than two wires attached to it

Some cars, particularly German, have a multi-wire harness that plugs into the headlight assembly. Please email our customer service department for further assistance, including determining which wires need to be connected to the transmitter. We can work through it together!