Flash to Open™ Classic Garage Receiver

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Want to add Flash to Open™ Classic or legacy Flash2Pass® functionality to another garage door, gate, or second home? Look no further - just add a second receiver to replace the existing door's garage push-button.

  • Open your garage by simply double-flashing your high-beams! No more remotes to worry about.
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation. Just attach the two existing wires from your old push-button to the back of this new receiver.
  • Completely compatible with your existing Flash to Open™ or Flash2Pass® transmitters.
  • Does not interfere with existing garage remotes

    NOTE: This only includes the garage-side receiver. You must already have an installed Flash to Open™ or Flash2Pass® transmitter in your vehicle for the system to work.


      How It Works

      Our garage push-button receiver replaces your old, existing push-button. Two flashes of your high-beams activates the secure vehicle transmitter (sold separately). When the receiver detects this unique signal, it sends an open/close command to your garage door motor as if you were inside pushing the button yourself!


      Works with all garage door openers EXCEPT 2011+ Chamberlain, LiftMaster, or Craftsman garage openers with “Security+2.0” (indicated by the yellow learn button or yellow antenna wire on the opener motor itself). Please check your garage door opener before purchasing.


      Syncing your New Receiver to an Existing Vehicle Transmitter:

      1. Install the new receiver in your garage with the included instructions or our online videos.
      2. On the garage receiver, insert a paperclip straight into the small hole between the black push-button and blinking LED. You should feel a small, hidden button inside the hole click.
      3. Hold the paper clip in position until the the receiver's LED quickly blinks 4 times. Remove the paperclip. The receiver is now in "Learn Mode."
      4. Turn on the vehicle's ignition key and flash the high-beams 2 times slowly to pair the transmitter. Note: Make sure the vehicle with the new transmitter installed is within range of the receiver. Your garage receiver's LED will quickly blink 4 times indicating the new transmitter has been paired. It will then automatically exit "Learn Mode" and will resume its normal status blinking.
      5. Repeat for each transmitter you wish to use to open your garage.



      Not affiliated or associated with any brands including Chamberlain, LiftMaster, or Craftsman.