Flash to Open™ Additional Transmitter with Honda Goldwing Plug-N-Play

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Want to expand Flash to Open™ Classic or legacy Flash2Pass® functionality to a Honda Goldwing GL1800? With our new Plug-N-Play adapter, now it's a snap!

  • Includes a quick and easy Plug-N-Play adapter to your headlight connection. No cutting or splicing wires required! Simply unplug your headlight and reconnect our adapter in between your light and existing plug.
  • Open your garage by simply double-flashing your high-beams! No more remotes to worry about.
  • Compact size (2″ x 1″ x 3/4″) easily mounts behind the in the fairing of your Goldwing

    NOTE: This only includes the vehicle-side transmitter. You must already have an installed receiver in your garage for the system to work.



    Designed to work with 2001-2017 Honda Goldwing GL1800 motorcycles 

    • NOT compatible with aftermarket headlight modulators

    This additional transmitter is compatible with the new Flash To Open™ Classic and legacy Flash2Pass® garage door system. You can pair up to six transmitters to your existing receiver.


    How It Works

    The two transmitter wires attach with Posi-Tap connectors to the headlight high beam wires. The transmitter is non-polarized so you don’t need to know positive (+) from negative (-). Two flashes of your high-beams activates the secure transmitter, sending a unique signal to your existing Flash to Open™ Classic or Flash2Pass®  receiver installed in your garage.


    Syncing your New Transmitter to an Existing Receiver:

    1. Install the new transmitter on your vehicle with the included instructions.
    2. On the garage receiver, insert a paperclip straight into the small hole between the black push-button and blinking LED. You should feel a small, hidden button inside the hole click.
    3. Hold the paper clip in position until the the receiver's LED quickly blinks 4 times. Remove the paperclip. The receiver is now in "Learn Mode."
    4. Turn on the vehicle's ignition key and flash the high-beams 2 times slowly to pair the transmitter. Note: Make sure the vehicle with the new transmitter installed is within range of the receiver. The garage receiver's LED will quickly blink 4 times indicating the new transmitter has been paired. It will then automatically exit "Learn Mode" and will resume its normal status blinking.



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